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Stamps, postmarks, postal stationery and postal history

The West Africa Study Circle, formed in 1950, is the international specialist society for the study of stamps, postal stationery and postal history of West Africa. It originated from small specialist groups which already existed and has undergone several expansions of scope.

The following philatelic areas are the ones covered in the most depth. The map shows where they are. From there, or from these links, you will find brief introductions to each area:

Ascension / Tristan da Cunha / Gough Is. Cameroons Gambia Gold Coast / Ghana
Nigeria St Helena Sierra Leone Togo
Additionally, several other areas are also included: British Postal Agencies on Madeira, Tenerife. St Vincent (Cape Verde Islands) and Fernando Po. Study dates from the earliest times and includes military campaigns, maritime, censorship and airmails.

If you wish to contact the Study Circle for information which does not appear on the site, please use this email address (remove spaces): webmanager @ wasc. org. uk

Meeting details for 2015 are on the meetings page - follow the link to "Activities"

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Grosvenor 11th March 2015
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Cavendish 5th March 2015
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Two new books: (see the books page for costs): two books
West African Censorship - Third Edition by Martin, Walton and Harris 184 pages. Much enlarged from the second edition of 1999; updated, new research and material on the context of censorship
Ascension Island: The Post Office Accounts November 1923 to December 1932 by Bernard Mabbett. A monograph resulting from the 2013 rescue of the archive found at Jamestown Post Office on St Helena.

Our Salisbury meeting included meter marks - for which publicly available catalogues can be found at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/International_Postage_Meter_Stamp_Catalog

The Wartime Atlantic Routes of Pan American Airways
This set of documents, introduced and compiled by WASC member John Wilson, gives details of PanAm flights across the Atlantic during the Second World War, December 1941 to October 1945. Substantial amounts of mail were carried. The excellent maps have been produced by Peter Wingent.

An index to Cameo for "Volumes 1 to 14" is available on the Publications page.

Some other documents produced by members (RAF West Africa-Rabat, Shipping, Civil Aviation, Nigerian postmarks) are reached by links from the "Additional Documents" page.


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