West Africa Study Circle

Cameo, the Circle's journal

The journal of the West Africa Study Circle has been published since 1975. During that period there have been just four editors. Cameo appears three times each year, in January, June and October. It is in A4 format, typically with over sixty pages of a wide range of articles and comment. There are sections reviewing recently published literature and auction reports. The magazine has been awarded medals at national and international philatelic competitions including in 2016 a gold medal at the American Philatelic Society Stamp Show. In addition to Cameo, there is a Secretary's newsletter distributed with each issue detailing news of the Study Circle and its meetings.

Digital copies of issues to number 97 (January 2016) are available for download or reading on the screen.

Here is the contents list of the June 2020 edition.

Editor’s Notes


Letters to the Editor:
    Brown, May


    The Wreck of the SS Jebba

Evans, May

    Ghana Postal Markings from 1957

Ian Anderson

    The Postal Message Scheme of the French Red X

David Trapnell

    Echoes of Empire, Sierra Leone Philatelic Legacy

Majed Halawi

    Nominal Roll of Europeans in the WAEF

Nat. Archives, Kew

Articles of Interest Published in Other Journals


1933 Gold Coast Woermann Line Cover

Marc Parren

Cameroun-Plating the Sterling Issue of 1961 Pt 15

Marty Bratzel

Air Mail Letter Cards and Airgraphs in West Africa

Rob May

Nigeria Fakes and Phantasy Stamps

Jeremy Martin

Cotonou to Lagos

Priddy & Wingent

St Helena: A few Revenue Uses of KGVI Definitives

Barry Burns

The CFA Franc Becomes the ‘ECO’

Michael Round

81st & 82nd WA Div. in India and Burma 1942-46

John Powell

GB Wrapper to Sekondi, Gold Coast

John Courtis

A ‘Judicature Fee’ Fantasy of Gold Coast?

Ian Anderson

New Type 19 from Gold Coast

John Mills

The Adams Postcards of St Helena

Bill Thorpe

Gold Coast Postmark - Type 21 ‘C9’

Ian Anderson

James Smith, Postmaster at Freetown, Sierra Leone

John Hossack

St Helena: The 1890 1½d Value Variety

Jeremy Martin

Ascension: Variety on the KGVI ½d Definitive

Jeremy Martin

1948 Air Mail Cover to M.D. Redmond

Kevin Lowther

Nigeria QEII 2d black & ochre Plate 5-5

Rob May

PO Notice: Parcel Post to Ascension 1886

Nick Wraith

Parcel Post Form to St Helena 1917

Nick Wraith

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